BASF has initiated a project to install new gas-fired boilers to generate the steam supply at its Hannibal, Mo., technical production and formulation site. This investment at the site complements other ongoing worldwide infrastructure upgrades and is part of BASF’s plans to spend on average around $390 million annually on production capacities to support the company’s global Crop Protection division over the next few years.

In total, the company plans to spend around $30 million on capital projects in 2013 to increase the Hannibal plant’s performance, reduce environmental emissions and increase operational efficiency. Recent enhancements have added 16 jobs to the site’s workforce of more than 250 employees, and will generate additional third party jobs related to the capital projects.

“This project demonstrates BASF’s commitment to our employees, our customers and the local community,” said Mike McFarlane, BASF site director in Hannibal.

The BASF Hannibal site produces more than 20 technical and formulated products that help farmers meet the growing needs for food and feed. In 2009, BASF expanded the plant in Hannibal to manufacture the herbicide products, powered by Kixor herbicide technology.