This season some growers using Avicta Complete Corn nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment, an on-seed application of separately registered products, had the opportunity to experience the most robust seed treatment fungicide option on the market—Maxim Quattro. Available only on a limited basis from certain seed companies in 2011, Maxim Quattro will be broadly available as the standard corn fungicide seed treatment offering from Syngenta for the 2012 season.

Maxim Quattro offers four active ingredients to provide a broad spectrum of early-season protection against corn seed- and soil-borne diseases. Combining mefenoxam (Apron XL fungicide), fludioxonil (Maxim 4FS fungicide), azoxystrobin (Dynasty fungicide) and thiabendazole, Maxim Quattro provides systemic protection to help clean up surface and internal pathogens on or in the seed. The result is a stronger, healthier plant from the inside out.

With the addition of Maxim Quattro as the fungicide component in Avicta Complete Corn, growers will have a lot more than just enhanced disease protection to get excited about. Recent studies have shown that Maxim Quattro, when used as a component of Avicta Complete Corn, may help increase activity against nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic, thread-like roundworms that can cause significant yield damage by feeding in or on plant roots, weakening the plant and making it more susceptible to bacteria and fungi. Protecting corn the instant the seed is planted, Avicta Complete Corn kills nematodes which provides stronger plants and increased yield potential.

The chart below demonstrates the additive benefit of combining Avicta nematicide, Cruiser® 5FS insecticide and Maxim Quattro fungicide as Avicta Complete Corn. In this University of Nebraska trial, the combination of Avicta, Cruiser 5FS and Maxim Quattro out yielded the combination of Avicta and Cruiser Extreme® 250 insecticide/fungicide by more than 20 bushels per acre.

Maxim Quattro added to Avicta Complete CornAvicta Complete Corn delivers consistent, reliable performance, even under variable soil pH, temperature or moisture. That's a lot more than what the competition has to offer. To learn more about Avicta Complete Corn, contact your local Syngenta sales representative or visit