Aventine Renewable Energy Inc., a leading producer, marketer and end-to-end supplier of ethanol, announced it successfully restarted the Vogelbusch 45-million-gallon Nebraska Energy LLC ethanol plant in Aurora, Neb., at the end of June. Since the restart the facility has processed more than 600,000 bushels of corn locally grown in Nebraska, and has shipped 1.2 million gallons of finished products of ethanol and dried distillers grain by rail and by truck.

“We expect to meet rate capacity for corn ethanol production by mid-August, a further demonstration of our leadership position in the ethanol industry,” said Mark Beemer, Aventine's president and CEO. The plant has been a part of Aventine’s portfolio since 1995, and had been idle since spring 2012.

"It’s great to have the Vogelbusch plant back in operation,” Beemer added. “We’re pleased to be able to add jobs to the economies of both Aurora and the state of Nebraska while we’re in the process of producing sustainable green energy and helping to ensure America’s domestic energy security.”

The company has hired 24 employees to date at the facility, and has invested $700,000 to upgrade operating systems, including a grain-grading lab, two new platform scales, new access roads and a CompuWeigh computerized system for grain settlement to efficiently weigh truckloads of corn.