Post Cereals announced Jan. 17 that it will begin manufacturing a “Non-GMO Verified” version of its Grape-Nuts cereal.

The move comes after General Mills announced it would produce a GMO free version of its original Cheerios cereal in the United States.

Anti-GMO activist groups are celebrating Post’s recent announcement and are claiming a victory. GMO Inside had pushed consumers to contact U.S. cereal makers and demand GMO free versions of their products.

Post will be using a third-party verification system that will verify the cereal excludes GMO ingredients.

GMO Inside started its campaign to get cereal manufacturers to change to GMO free ingredients in November 2012. In January 2014, General Mills was the first cereal manufacturer to announce it would source its ingredients from non-GMO sources.

Activist groups are not resting though. GMO Free USA is currently petitioning Kellogg’s to remove GMOs from its Froot Loops cereal.

Other groups are asking President Obama to direct the Food and Drug Administration to require labels on all foods containing GM ingredients. The Grocery Manufacturers Association and other large agribusiness companies have expressed interest in a federal standard the industry can use so that it will not have to fight GMO labeling laws in each state.