The ISOLynx and FieldLynx telematics that Ally Precision Industries (API) introduced at the MAGIE equipment show in Illinois last summer has been earning praise as the manufacturer has been holding hands-on demonstrations and showing how the technology works at field days. Spreading the word about the capabilities of the high-tech tools has been the goal to make major inroads into the ag technology business.

API explained that commercial applicators and original equipment manufacturing clients are discovering the advantages of standardizing all equipment with the same controller and what it can mean for their business. “In the past, commercial sprayers and OEMs have been handcuffed to close-ended proprietary systems, limiting their choices for service and innovative new products,” said Djamel Khali, vice-president North America operations for API. The company has been explaining how ISOLynx has compatibility with all brands of equipment, which eliminates problems that have plagued precision agriculture for years.

API calls itself the “new kid on the block,” and it is looking for ways to prove itself. Khali said three things stand out from conversations he has had with a wide range of agricultural professions across the country and around the world. Khali has heard the following:

1. “Commercial applicators and OEMs alike are actively looking for a replacement for the hodge podge of ‘solutions’ that are currently out there from a variety of suppliers.

2. “Companies want to standardize their precision ag suite of products across all makes of machines.

3. “Customers are educated and know what they want and will not put up with yesterday's answers and service.”

API’s ISOLynx has been designed to address the concerns of the market place, not protect one manufacturer’s turf. The pressure is on to become more productive under challenging conditions and ag professions to assist their growers.