Alltech Crop Science continues to expand its reach in fields and groves across the globe with the recent purchase of Improcrop in South Africa. Improcrop, a longtime distributor in South Africa, now is also part of the agronomic and horticultural division of Alltech. Founded in 1980, Alltech is a privately-held American-based global animal health and animal nutrition company that utilizes natural, yeast-based solutions.

“This purchase will allow us to even better serve producers in South Africa and eventually, producers in the rest of this rapidly growing continent, who are looking for alternatives to traditional methods of production,” said Geoff Frank, chairman of Alltech Crop Science. “As chemicals continued to be banned around the world, we are keen in investing further in this agronomy portion of our business and helping farmers get the most out of their crop naturally.”

Alltech Crop Science addresses the production of citrus to silage and everything in between. Fuelled by the power of yeast, Alltech Crop Science products offer a viable alternative to conventional agrochemicals. For nearly 20 years Alltech Crop Science has conducted research on 69 cultivars in 29 countries to form the scientific basis for its products. Its North American brand portfolio – Agro-Mos, Compost-Aid, Complex-Aid, Crop-Set, Grain-Set, Soil-Set and Liqui-Plex Mn – addresses each stage of crop development, providing plants with precision nutrition and offering growers a naturally-based alternative to chemicals. The company will also soon launch a Liqui-Plex range based on amino acid and micronutrient technology.

Along with its hands-on work and research in the field, Alltech Crop Science continues to effectively connect with its customers and other industry leaders through the web. The division launched a redesigned website at The new user-friendly website features an ACS blog, grower testimonials and product descriptions.

“This is one more way to connect with busy growers who spend an increasing amount of time online, hungry for information to help them improve profitability,” said Robert Walker, general manager for Alltech Crop Science. “Strengthening our online presence is key to effectively communicating the importance of natural solutions with farmers across the world.”

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