The Advanced Ethanol Council (AEC) welcomed Algenol Biofuels as a new member. Algenol is a global, industrial biotechnology company focused on commercializing its patented algae technology platform for the production of ethanol and other biofuels. Algenol’s Direct to Ethanol technology uses sunlight, algae, non-arable land and carbon dioxide to produce ethanol and waste biomass that can be converted into gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

“There are clear synergies between Algenol’s efforts to deploy its Direct to Ethanoltechnology and the Advanced Ethanol Council's singular focus on developing forward-looking policies and open markets for the advanced ethanol sector,” said Paul Woods, President and CEO of Algenol Biofuels. “The Advanced Ethanol Council is at the center of any discussion about advanced biofuels, but we were particularly drawn to the group’s focus on promoting the unique attributes and value proposition of advanced ethanol.”

Algenol operates a 4-acre process development unit that produces ethanol in modular photo-bioreactors and a 36-acre pilot scale integrated biorefinery (IBR) in Lee County, Florida. The IBR is demonstrating Algenol’s approach to building out fully integrated commercial facilities and also serves as a testing facility for the company and its partners to integrate technologies that convert waste algae into gasoline, jet and diesel fuel. Algenol’s IBR has produced all four fuel types at a rate exceeding 9,000 gallons per acre, and 144 gallons of these fuels per tonne of CO2.

“We are very pleased to have Algenol Biofuels on board at the Advanced Ethanol Council (AEC),” said Brooke Coleman, Executive Director of the AEC. “As we mature as an industry, it is critical that advanced ethanol interests align from both a policy and messaging perspective. We look forward to working with Paul and the Algenol team on strategies that will put the industry in a position to succeed in 2013 and beyond.”

The Advanced Ethanol Council (AEC) represents worldwide leaders in the effort to develop and commercialize the next generation of ethanol fuels, ranging from cellulosic ethanol made from dedicated energy crops, forest residues and agricultural waste to advanced ethanol made from municipal solid waste, algae and other feedstocks.

The AEC is the only advanced biofuel group with the singular purpose of promoting advanced ethanol fuels and technologies.