Dow AgroSciences LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, announced a new name for its growing alfalfa business, Alforex Seeds. The new name is effective immediately. Previously, on Oct. 12, 2012, the company announced it was expanding its investment in the alfalfa industry by acquiring the assets of Cal West Seeds based in Woodland, Calif.

The new Alforex Seeds will include all of Dow AgroSciences’ alfalfa research and development and seed production operations, as well as the global licensing and private-label alfalfa businesses previously managed by Cal West and Dairyland Seed.

“The new name denotes the company’s priority on being the alfalfa and forage experts that producers and agribusiness can rely on,” said Paul Frey, General Manager, Alforex Seeds. “This is a great development for hay, livestock and milk producers. The combined business backed by Dow AgroSciences will allow the development of new products and technologies that will help the forage producers.”

Going forward, Dairyland Seed will continue to market and sell Dairyland-branded alfalfa seed through its dealer network. Also, Producer’s Choice will continue to sell alfalfa and forage products for Alforex Seeds.

Dow AgroSciences acquired Cal West Seeds, a leading supplier of alfalfa, clover and other crops to seed companies and growers in the U.S., Canada and 25 other countries around the world. The addition of Cal West Seeds expanded Dow AgroSciences’ alfalfa business and strengthened its global forage business.

“Dairyland Seed has a long history in the alfalfa business, and combining our R&D and seed production efforts under Dow AgroSciences into Alforex Seeds will enhance Dairyland’s ability to continue to provide innovative alfalfa genetics and technology to growers,” says Tom Strachota, General Manager, Dairyland Seed of West Bend, Wis.