Albaugh, LLC and Italpollina USA, Inc. announced a long-term strategic collaboration to deliver microbial seed treatment solutions for the U.S. seed treatment market. In the agreement, Albaugh, LLC will have the exclusive rights to develop, commercialize and distribute Italpollina seed treatment technology in the United States.

"We are excited about the opportunity to work together with Italpollina to develop and commercialize a biological seed treatment platform," said Chris Zita, seed treatment director for Albaugh, LLC. "This is clearly a growth segment within the seed treatment market, and Italpollina has some exciting new technology that will deliver a lot of value."

"This agreement aligns with our long-term strategy to deliver leading biological technology to the seed treatment sector throughout the U.S. agricultural market," says Jon Leman, commercial director, Italpollina USA.

"Growers are looking for seed treatments that enhance performance and value," stated Albaugh's marketing and product development manager, Chad Shelton. "Biological seed treatments continue to grow in offers and use by growers and seed companies, and Albaugh is expanding its seed treatment technology platform to include key biological seed treatment offers. We are excited about our collaboration with Italpollina."

"We are very pleased to be working with Albaugh's innovative and experienced team of professionals to build upon our 20-plus years of technical experience in developing biological solutions for growers around the world," said Steve Thurman, Strategic Business Development for Italpollina USA, Inc.