Mixmate’s family-owned parent company, Agtelligent, is preparing to introduce innovative management software that allows users to track assets from the office while exchanging information directly with Mixmate in the field via wireless connection. This unique web portal can be accessed by desktop, laptop or mobile device and not only simplifies farm data transfers by tracking every ounce of chemical used, but also generates reports that are automatically emailed to growers and landowners notifying them when jobs are completed.

The Mixmate remote management software is cloud based and designed to manage multiple Mixmate units. In addition to wireless data transfer, users can login and access data with permissions relevant to their assigned tasks as well as have the option to select preloaded jobs allowing operators to quickly switch gears on the go. Tasks and jobs automatically update once the Mixmate, which comes with a rugged Android tablet, syncs with the server making the chemical mixing and application process quicker and more efficient.

“Our job builder functionality helps prepare work orders in advance, while the remote management capabilities allow real-time reporting to be completed on the job,” said Doug Applegate. “Overall, the interface makes the lives of applicators and growers much easier when it comes to record keeping and farm management.