During 2012, there was intent interest in what was going on with Agrium and how U.S. hedge fund JANA Partners, as a minimum 5 percent shareholder of Agrium, was pressuring the diversified company to spin off or sell its retail distribution arm.

The sequence of articles that were on www.AgProfessional.com and in e-newsletters gained some of the highest interest from readers. Matter of fact, articles about the topic were the first and second most read articles of the year. Colleen Scherer, managing editor of AgProfessional, kept track of the situation and wrote each of the articles.

In sequence, the first article from Aug. 15, announced that Agrium was not going to spin off its retail distribution arm. This was news that the Wall Street Journal wrote about.

The next article posted on Aug. 22, reported that Agrium company officials had met with JANA Partners and in a 12-page report explained what was discussed in the meeting, and the reasoning Agrium officials still saw no sensible logic for spinning off the retail distribution arm.

Finally, on Oct. 3, an article was posted about how JANA Partners made their reasoning and analysis public to stockholders of Agrium for why Agrium should spin off the retail distribution arm.

Whenever the Agrium company is in a headline, the article obtains high readership. Ag industry officials closely follow what Agrium is doing. Links to the three articles mentioned are below: