The Agricultural Lending Institute scheduled for June 16-20 at the Craig School of Business, California State University, Fresno, is advertised as a seminar designed for agricultural lending professionals, accountants, attorneys, farm managers and rural appraisers.

The institute/seminar is an annual program taught by the university. It is divided into first year and second year programming. It isn’t a cheap school, but it has value to many professionals associated with agriculture finance. The cost is $1,750.

“The ever-changing face of agribusiness poses increasing challenges for lenders, farm managers and agricultural consultants. These challenges bring opportunities for professionals who seek to reach a distinguished level of competency and leadership. It is ALI’s goal to develop effective leaders in agricultural finance,” the seminar announcement notes.

Presentations and courses on the first year program include:

  • U.S. and Agricultural Outlook 2014—Rosy Time or Rocky Road?
  • Integrated Approach to Financial Statement Analysis
  • Key Financial Performance Indicators by Agricultural Sector
  • Farm Boys and Farm Toys: A Recipe for Debt?
  • A Framework for Business Analysis I & II
  • Crop Inspection Techniques
  • Crop Budgeting Tools and Techniques
  • Trends in Agricultural Land Values
  • Capstone

Registration can be completed online at