Agricen, an agricultural technology company delivering applied, biochemical-based solutions for efficient and sustainable plant nutrition, announced a new webinar, “Last Year’s Residue, This Year’s Nutrients,” being held on Jan. 8 and 16, 2014. The webinar will discuss how growers can maximize residue breakdown and nutrient release after a late harvest with both corn on corn, corn on soybean, and soybean on corn rotations using biochemical technology. It will also feature Dr. Laura Gentry, researcher for the Illinois Corn Growers Association and adjunct faculty at the University of Illinois, who will discuss the effects of stover removal and other management practices to optimize yield in continuous corn systems. Growers, crop consultants and others interested in growing programs can register for a morning (8 am CST) or afternoon (4 pm CST) session by visiting

What: Webinar - “Last Year’s Residue, This Year’s Nutrients”

Hosted by: Agricen, a Loveland Products company

When: January 8 & 16, 2014 at 8 am & 4 pm CST

Where: Register online at

Who Should Attend: Growers, crop consultants and others interested in effective growing programs

“With the late and heavy corn harvest this past fall, it is critical for growers to focus on maximizing residue decomposition and nutrient release for the benefit of next seasons’ crops. This webinar will give growers an overview of how to manage residue when faced with cooler temperatures and how Accomplish LM, a biochemical additive, can be used to optimize nutrient release and improve this year’s crop yields,” said Michael Totora, President and CEO, Agricen. “We are also excited to have Dr. Gentry share the latest research from the University of Illinois on stover removal in continuous corn systems, and how it can affect nutrient use and availability.”

Residue breakdown is a slow process that depends on microbial activity in the soil. As temperatures cool, this activity slows. This year’s late harvest means that the window for residue-decomposing microbial activity is shorter than normal, which could leave valuable nutrients locked up in stover on the field. Accomplish LM, a biochemical fertilizer catalyst manufactured by Agricen for distribution by Loveland Products and Crop Production Services, can be applied to accelerate residue breakdown and nutrient release—even in cold weather—so that nutrients are more available to the plant in the next season. During the webinar, participants will see how this process works, and how it can lead to increased yields at the next harvest.