AgTrax, a provider of advanced software system solutions exclusively for agribusiness, has released the full TraxView suite. Available nationally, TraxView is the flagship Windows-based platform for AgTrax and is designed to serve the many diverse industries within the national agribusiness community. Updates will continue to be available as the program evolves.

Professionals from the fields of feed, fuel, grain handling and beyond can now move their businesses forward using the broad-spectrum program of as many as 19 fully customizable modules. In addition, users can simplify and analyze their operations using Windows- or character-based applications in the same interface.

“Our custom solutions are so encompassing, we’ve partnered with many best-in-breed partners to eliminate multiple data entry points, thus allowing for greater efficiency and less time wasted for our customers,” said Chuck Jenkins, director of marketing and sales.

TraxView consultants confer at length with customers, whether in the field or in the office, to maximize their understanding of each unique business. This attention to customer service is delivered long before products are even shown.

“The time our consultants spend with potential and existing customers is invaluable in our industry,” said Jenkins. “It is truly the only way a company like ours can deliver a custom solution for our clients’ businesses. In the ever-changing and fast-paced world of agribusiness, the ability to adapt and be flexible is key to successful operations.”

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