AgTrax Technologies (, a provider of advanced ERP software solutions that maximize productivity and enhance profitability for agribusinesses of all size, has announced another product update designed specifically to increase efficiency for ag retailers at the scale. 

AgRemote, the scale interface available from AgTrax today, is adding RFID technology to its list of industry-leading functionality.  Using RFID standard cards and sensors at both inbound and outbound scale heads, details about each grain delivery can be retrieved automatically within the AgRemote interface. 

“Our customers have tasked us with bringing additional software tools and functionality to the market that may provide them with a competitive advantage. The RFID system, available today from multiple scale equipment vendors will increase efficiency at the scale, eliminate any communication barriers between truck drivers and elevator personnel, ultimately speeding up deliveries during harvest or other busy times, does just that,” says Gayle Lewis – Director of Operations at AgTrax. “The seasonal ‘bottle-neck’ at the scale is always a topic of conversation in the industry so we have enhanced our AgRemote interface to accept data from these systems in an effort to continue to help our customers alleviate that scenario and discover every avenue for increased efficiency.” 

Lewis continues, “Our interface is compatible with any system operating on the Wiegand 26Bit format, an RFID industry standard. AgTrax does not sell the RFID equipment -- we recommend contacting your scale equipment provider to inquire about AgRemote compatibility and availability.”