TraxView, the widely anticipated .NET conversion of the entire AgTrax ERP software program built specifically for agribusiness, is set to be marketed in its entirety by fall 2012. This week’s release, being distributed to current TraxView licensed customers, will be the first of many in the coming months and features nearly 80 reports along with multiple enhancements to the current platform. The company plans releases to be distributed on a regular basis until the entire program has been provided to customers that are licensed to migrate.

In its entirety, TraxView will become the new flagship ERP platform for AgTrax Technologies, the leading provider of accounting software in this market space. Operating within the framework of the current application while providing the user with a complete graphical interface to meet industry and customer demand, AgTrax will continue to be the leader in the category.

“This is not your average graphical conversion” states Gayle Lewis- Director of Operations at AgTrax Technologies, “not only is the entire program of AgTrax being rewritten in the Windows .NET framework, the real beneficiaries of this process are our existing legacy platform customers- during this migration they too will recognize greatly enhanced functionality, have numerous additional tools at their disposal and greatly expanded reporting capabilities.”

“It’s extremely exciting that we’re distributing the initial release of this conversion on time- it shows real commitment to our customers that this migration will be delivered as promised” continues Lewis, “the input and understanding from our customer base has been phenomenal throughout the process and we’re thrilled to show them measurable results.”