AgGateway announced the publication of the Ag eStandards Release 5.3. The release includes new messages to support fertilizer tonnage reporting, feed tonnage reporting and seed booking processes. The new messages will enable eConnectivity among agribusiness companies, increasing accuracy and efficiency in their businesses.

The release may be downloaded from Registration is required and is free.

“This is one of the biggest standard releases in years for agribusiness,” said AgGateway Standards Director Jim Wilson. “The breadth of input across the agriculture industry for this release is unprecedented – It required extensive work and collaboration from AgGateway member companies.”

Wilson cited in particular the work of the AgGateway Seed Council, Crop Nutrition Council, Standards & Guidelines Committee and the Open Applications Group (OAGi).

"This release represents significant progress toward achieving AgGateway's mission to promote, enable and expand eBusiness in agriculture,” he added. “From standardizing and automating previously state-specific and manual fertilizer reporting, to streamlining increasingly complex seed purchase planning, licensing and logistics – this release offers a lot."

Specifically, the new messages are:

  • FeedTonnageReporting
  • FertilizerTonnageReporting
  • Price Sheet Request
  • OrderResponseLogRequest
  • OrderResponseLogResponse
  • RetailerOrderSummaryRequest
  • RetailerOrderSummaryReport
  • ProductBooking
  • ProductBookingResponse

AgGateway encourages all agri-business companies interested in eBusiness to learn more at