AgGateway provided an update recently on a number of projects it has initiated including Seed Connectivity-II Project, Tonnage Reporting Project, Crop Protection Canada Connectivity Project, guidelines harmonization, formatting consistently and CNC-II.

Seed Connectivity-II Project

This Seed Council project has a number of companies that have sent in their signed commitment letter: AgWorks , Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS) , Ceres Solution, Co-Alliance , Crop Production Services (CPS), Dow, GlobalRange, GROWMARK, Heartland Cooperative, Key Cooperative, Monsanto, River Valley Cooperative, SSI/Agvance, and Winfield Solutions. The Project Charter and Project Commitment Letter can be found on AgGateway's website: SC-II Project Documents If you have any questions or are interested in being involved in this project, please contact the interim board chair Pam Inness or Marilyn Hunter

Tonnage Reporting Project

This Crop Nutrition Council project has been working on identifying the various state data elements requirements, and defining those data elements. We hope to be working with American Association of Plant Food Control Official (AAPFCO) in getting the states to provide validation and input into the message(s). AAPFCO will be meeting in February and hope to gain some awareness and support. This project is a coalition of TFI, ARA, AFIA, and AgGateway to "sell" the states control officials on the benefit and cost savings that they could get. Our next steps after defining the data elements will be to develop a standardized XML message that could be used in both fertilizer and feed (if possible) that could meet the requirements. If your company is reporting tonnage to states for either feed or fertilizer and would like to be involved, please contact Marilyn Hunter, or Kathy Mathers

Crop Protection Canada Connectivity Project

This project charter was approved at the 2011 Annual Conference CP Council meeting. The Governing Body has been meeting weekly to work on a communications plan and the commitment letter for this project. The Canadian companies currently involved in this project are: Dow, DuPont, Engage, FMC, Monsanto, Nufarm, Syngenta and Viterra. Any questions can be directed to Enabling Services Director, Marilyn Hunter or Peter Macleod

Guidelines Harmonization

This project is now underway. We have three (3) members working on this as well as two (2) staff personnel. We could use more manpower and see this as a great opportunity for companies (especially Allied Providers) to get a better understanding of what the segments have implemented and how we can harmonize the implementation guidelines across all segments. If you are interested in this project, please contact Jim Wilson or Marilyn Hunter

The primary objective of the Harmonization Project is to compile and republish all Ag eStandards- related AgGateway implementation guidelines for the purpose of:

Formatting consistently

*Ensuring that associated standards versions are clearly stated

*Ensuring that the use scope is clear for each guideline point (e.g., works for seed segment in the US and perhaps Canada)

*Find points of commonality and points of distinction among segments for each guideline point (would enable, for example, identifying how the seed segment may implement the Invoice message differently from feed segment).

Additionally, the project will:

*Document and exercise a development and management process for guidelines.

*Briefly consider how the out-of-scope guidelines could be integrated in a follow-on project.


This project is in the implementation stage. During the month of December, Agrium and GROWMARK went into production with the connectivity and Contract/Contract Response messages. This is the first set of trading partners to go into production for CNC-II. Congratulations!

Product Cost Information (PCI) Project: During November, Syngenta went into production on this message with both GROWMARK and Wilbur-Ellis. Congratulations!