AgGateway announced the launch of the first of many upcoming enhancements to AGIIS that  will make adding and maintaining products much simpler as well as introduce product security features that allow subscribers to determine precisely who can access their product information in AGIIS.

The product directory enhancements are the result of the implementation of the Product Task Force (PTF) recommendations approved in November 2011.

With these enhancements, AGIIS subscribers have the ability to add and maintain products easier through a simplified Web interface, as well as, having access to updated XML and CSV file formats, and the new Web Services for maintaining products.

The product directory security enhancements will allow AGIIS subscribers to use bulk and website interfaces to determine access to their products through maintaining security settings of "exclude", "include" or "open".

These security features function exactly like the current License Agreement Security functionality. It is important to note that these enhancements also include new, optional fields for "sales reportable" and "inventory reportable" data elements which are replacing previously user-defined fields at the package configuration level.

These fields are available via the Web site, XML and CSV interfaces and the schema is updated to reflect those updates.