Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools have become a staple for many of America’s farmers and ranchers thanks to a farmer-led grassroots effort designed to empower agricultural producers to connect communities through social media platforms.  This effort is made possible through the AgChat Foundation.

According to Reuters, the AgChat is run by a group of farmers, including third-generation farmer Drin Grimm, who is as passionate about farming his 2,000 acres of corn and soy as is about sharing stories and photos through Twitter, Facebook and blog.

“We all eat,” Grimm told Reuters. “Food is important to everybody but very few people produce that food. We farmers need to connect with consumers…whether it’s a mom in New York or a teacher in Chicago.”

As “agvocates,” tech-savvy farmers and their supporters hope their efforts counter images of animal abuse, environmental damage and health problems that have become associated with industrial agricultural practices. Although some of their audience may be skeptical, agcovates using AgChat are taught not to address the critics but to open a dialogue on food production.

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Source: Reuters, AgChat