Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM) is expanding its facility in Van Wert, Ohio. The expansion will increase the manufacturing and growing capability of ABM's biological enhancements used in crop production. In addition to increased capacity, the new facility will provide in-house compatibility testing of ABM's products with other types of seed treatments.

ABM identifies develops and markets specialty biological products for agriculture and ag related industries. This new facility will enable ABM to keep pace with increased demand for its products and better manage the inventory of its microbials used in the manufacture of its products.

"We've experienced a large increase in demand of our products the past two years" said Dan Custis, CEO of ABM. "Farmers are realizing the benefits our products bring to them and their bottom line. In addition, we've released several new products that are showing good results in field trials and on the farm."

ABM's newest product line contains the beneficial Trichoderma microbials. ABM refers to the reaction of Trichoderma on the plant as the iGET Technology. iGET stands for Induced Gene Expression Triggers.

Custis states, "The iGET Technology contains proprietary and patent pending biologicals that first colonize the crop root system. Crop stresses such as disease and dry weather can be alleviated resulting in higher yields for the farmer. Three decades of research at Cornell and other international biological research programs went into the development of our products."

The iGET Technology is used in ABM's SabrEx product line which includes SabrEx for corn and SabrEx for wheat. It is also used with Graph-Ex SA and Excalibre SA, a combination of the iGET technology and the beneficial soybean microbe Bradyrhizobia.

The expansion is projected to be finished by the end of February, 2012. Production capability will increase four times over the current capacity. ABM was founded in July of 2000 by Dan Custis and Leon Bird.