Labeled a “Muddy Boots Conference,” the three-day event being planned by the American Society of Agricultural Consultants to be held in Alexandria, Va., Oct. 20-22 is aimed at helping ag consultants be better at the business of consulting.

“Our goal is to provide a forum for anyone involved in any aspect of ag consulting to be better at their business,” said Russell Morgan, CPA, CAC, overall chair of the ASAC program. “We call it Muddy Boots because we will be looking at getting back to some of the basics of having a consulting business,” he explained.

The program will open on the 22 with David Kohl, Ph.D., exploring the evolving role of ag consulting including how it has changed and what it may look like in 15 years. “That will set the tone for the next two days of sessions,” said Morgan

Program content will include topics such as ethics in the business; Are you consulting or are you selling?; opportunities that exist for consultants in the U.S., Canada and overseas; a perspective on the industry from the editor of AgProfessional magazine; “Where’s the Money—Is this a business or a hobby?”; and a look at how to communicate to both the senior and junior generations of the farming industry.

Speakers include former Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman, senior USDA staff members, Virginia’s Commissioner of Agriculture, and CropLife America CEO Jay Vroom.

“This program is very deliberately not aimed at any specific field of expertise,” Morgan explained. “Rather, it is for any and all who are involved with consulting with farmers, ranchers and growers across the country and around the world.

“One does not have to be a member of ASAC to be part of the conference,” he said. “All they have to have is an interest in being a better ag consultant.”

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