Last week, ARA joined a coalition of agricultural organizations in a letter to EPA and USDA urging the agencies fulfill a request from the American Honey Producers Association asking USDA-ARS to host a Varroa Mite Summit. 

The Oct. 23 letter stated, "While it is understood that USDA is charged with the responsibility of bee health research, it is also recognized that EPA is charged with review and registration of pesticides. Few products are registered for control of varroa mite in bee hives. The chemical control of the varroa mite has limited success due partly to the development of varroa populations resistant to the registered products." 

Both USDA and EPA have a stake in a research summit with focus on Varroa destructor. 

Click here to view the letter to Dr. Sheryl H. Kunickis, Director, Office of Pest Management Policy - USDA

Click here to view the letter to Kevin J. Hackett, Ph.D., Senior National Program Leader - USDA/Agricultural Research

Click here to view the letter to Jim Jones, Assistant Administrator, Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency