AGCO Corporation used Kansas City to introduce 15 new pieces of equipment that will be in its 2012 equipment line-up. More than 1,000 of its dealers heard the details about the equipment and were able to inspect it at the Kansas City Convention Center.

Products included new series of Hesston hay equipment, Massy Ferguson combines, Sunflower seeding drills, Sunflower air carts, Sunflower tillage disc units, White planters, Massey Ferguson tractors, Challenger tractors, RoGator and TerraGator applicators and an automatic steering system.

It was obvious with the hay equipment that the company is looking ahead to when farmers will be baling and transporting biomass for biofuels. The new 2170XD extra density baler is signified as extra density capable by the XD. The newest baler creates a 15 percent denser bale to “maximize the shipping weight for transport.”

As for seeding biofuels grasses, the new 9610 conventional drill has an attachment that can seed native grasses. The drill can be used for large volume seeding with the “largest capacity seed hoppers in the industry.”

As for the RoGator and TerraGator, the brand new 8.4 liter diesel engine—Tier 4 interim compliant—was the big news. The new applicator engine provides “17 percent less fuel consumption compared with non-SCR engines." The engine provides increased horsepower for power to the ground while doing it with two gallons per hour less fuel consumption, according to David Webster, AGCO application equipment, director of sales.