Association of Equipment Manufactueres (AEM) leaders recognized the advantage of an industry approach to management of machine-generated "big data" such as telematics at their summer board meetings July 15-16 in Boston.

Following their meetings, leaders expressed support for taking an industry approach to data collection and use.

During its meeting in Boston, the AG Sector Board heard from both the Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA) and AgGateway regarding their respective approaches and initiatives related to the management of "big data" generated by modern production agriculture.

The board directed AEM to work more closely with both groups to assure that AEM members are involved in the outcome of their efforts.

In addition, the board said AEM should help to harmonize any data standards or formats the two groups develop.

In addition, activity is already underway by AEM in an effort to standardize formatting, security, and usage of construction equipment telematics data.