Hudye Farms US Inc. has announced the sale offering of a large assemblage of farmland available in the eastern Colorado and western Kansas region. Hudye Farms owns 17,687 acres of farmland being offered for potential sale.

It isn’t common that such a huge tract of farmland could be sold as one unit sale. Of the total acres, approximately 1840 acres are irrigated with water rights and wells.

“Demand for farmland, a commodity producing hard asset with an income stream, continues to grow,” said Jordan Wirsz, CEO of Savant Equity Group and vice president of Hudye Farms U.S. Inc.

Apparently the landowners see sale of the land at this point as a possible windfall at the same time as they describe farmland as “arguably the most valuable commodity in the world” and “an inflation hedge with a dividend.”

“This sale offers an opportunity to obtain a very large block of producing farmland in one single transaction along with a viable low maintenance business model which is already in place,” Wirsz said.

“The sale is being conducted through a ‘call to offers’ process designed to establish the timeline of the anticipated transaction,” it is noted in the offer of sale.