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Certified wheat seed helps control pests, diseases

All certified wheat seeds produced and sold are tested by the Kansas Crop Improvement Association (KCIA). The certification process and high standards set by members and enforced by KCIA ensure that the seeds are of high quality and suitable for growing by the producer.


Look for N loss because of rains

Corn is planted and the 2015 growing season is underway. As with any season, Mother Nature is already throwing many farmers a few curve balls. Large rainfall events can be a blessing, but they can cause nitrogen deficiencies in the soil, robbing corn of yield potential.


Check for wireworm injury when assessing corn stands

Last week, (May 19-22, 2015), some wireworm activity was noted in south-central Iowa. Ideally, scouting for wireworms should occur prior to planting because there are no effective rescue treatments. However, most people don’t see the impact this pest can have on a corn stand until corn plants emerge.


Is the fungicide on your wheat working?

Stripe rust continues to take its toll on the Kansas wheat crop this year. Spurred on by recent cool, wet weather, the disease is at moderate to severe levels in most areas of the state. The rust pressure is highly variable within many of these regions.


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