A 429 bushel per acre corn yield is impressive even in ideal growing conditions. But the fact that progressive farmer David Hula of Charles City, Va., achieved such an outstanding yield response in a season marked by excessive moisture followed by drought-like conditions and the impending threat of hurricane Irene is nothing short of amazing.

Hula has actively participated in the National Corn Growers Association yield competitions since the late 1990s, achieving state and regional records with his no-till corn on corn. He credits his continued success in adapting successful crop management practices and integrating new technology offered from ag suppliers to push yields.

“We tried some new technology again this year and Stoller’s Bio-Forge and X-Tra Power were two of the products we used,” shared Hula. “We had more sunlight than in past years and that helped to enhance photosynthesis and ultimately yield.”  Because of difficult planting and harvest season Hula was limited on the number of test and control plots he was able to evaluate. However he indicated strong seedling vigor and large root systems where he had used the Stoller technology. “We are looking for technology that will help us get the most out of the hybrids we plant. And we’ll be testing Stoller again in 2012 to verify consistent, positive results.” explained Hula. 

Stoller Technology is showing up in the crop management programs of more yield contest winners than ever before, the company contends. Stoller’s plant performance technology to enhance early root development and increase seedling vigor is the answer. This has been experienced even in challenging growing conditions.