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Rising fossil fuel energy costs spell trouble for global food security

In an analysis of food preservation and transportation trends published in this week’s issue of the journal BioScience, scientists warn that new sustainable technologies will be needed for humanity just to stay even in the arms race against the microorganisms that can rapidly spoil the outputs of the modern food system.


ASA signs brief opposing Vermont’s biotech labeling law

The American Soybean Association (ASA), along with the National Corn Growers Association, the National Cotton Council and the Corn Refiners Association signed an Amici brief supporting the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) and others in challenging Vermont’s law requiring that food products containing biotech ingredients be labeled.


UK GM wheat trial highlights costs of violent activism

A five-year long field trial to test a genetically modified variety of wheat found that the crop did not repel pests as it was designed to. The news media, both in the UK and U.S., widely covered the story. Why was this unusual? It’s not often that a hypothesis that is not confirmed by experiments is published, let alone that it would receive so much attention.


AgReliant Genetics acquires Golden Acres Genetics

AgReliant Genetics announced that it is acquiring the corn and sorghum seed business of Waco, Texas-based company Golden Acres Genetics. This acquisition complements the continued western expansion of AgReliant Genetics, the third largest corn seed company in North America.


PotashCorp confident K+S’ concerns can be addressed

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. (PotashCorp) acknowledged the statement issued last week by K+S Aktiengesellschaft (K+S). PotashCorp believes the proposed transaction would combine two best-in-class companies with minimal overlap to create a global producer in the nutrient industry for the long-term benefit of investors, customers, employees and the communities where both companies operate.


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