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The influence of direct payments on U.S. cropland values

A study recently published in Agricultural Economics employs a unique dataset to estimate the impact of decoupled (direct) payments on U.S. cropland values.


Hybrid maturities for delayed planting

Delayed planting seasons create a lot of frustrations for everyone involved with planting crops. One of the agronomic questions that comes up when planting is seriously delayed is whether farmers should consider switching from their normal full-season maturity hybrids to shorter-maturity hybrids.`


FBI workshop and outreach programs

FBI workshop and outreach programs,” please change the whole description to “A Chemical Facility Outreach Exchange and a Chemical Retailer Awareness Workshop will be conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Indianapolis. The June 16 and 17 exchange and workshop are the last of three such information sessions being held in the nation this spring. One is specific for chemical facilities management and the other for chemical retailers.


USDA data weighs on grain markets

USDA data is weighing on the grain markets. Tuesday’s belated release of the weekly USDA Crop Progress report likely spurred overnight selling; that apparently continued this morning. Not only did the report indicate corn plantings still ahead of normal, the initial corn condition rating at 74% good-to-excellent was better than normal. The market may also be suffering from follow-through selling in the wake of yesterday’s dollar-driven drop. Traders cited dollar strength for midday losses.


Actions, inactions impact soil health

Much of the debate over soil is driven by producers’ desire to maximize profit while getting the most out of their land in the form of high yields. Producers weigh the cost of more inputs to the soil against the return they will get from higher yields.


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