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Deere and DN2K form joint venture

Deere & Company and DN2K have agreed to form SageInsights - a joint venture to initially serve the agriculture industry with further development of DN2K’s existing cloud software platform, MyAgCentral, for agricultural retailers and others who provide consulting services to growers.


Impending deadline could stop fertilizer and other rail shipments in their tracks

Spring planting may seem quite far off, but farmers are already looking ahead with a wary eye on something that may derail all their plans—a nationwide railroad shutdown. Unable to comply with the looming Dec. 31 deadline for implementing positive train control (PTC), railroads are warning customers that they might stop rolling altogether—and soon, unless Congress gives them more time.


State lawmakers ask Congress to oppose H.R. 1599

A bipartisan group of 95 state lawmakers (representing 21 states) who have either sponsored state GMO labeling bills, or supported state GMO labeling ballot initiatives or bans on GMO crops, have signed on to a joint letter asking Congress to oppose H.R. 1599, or any other federal law that would preempt states’ rights to enact GMO labeling laws.


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