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Farmers handle threat to livelihood unapologetically

While traditional rodent control techniques include poison, trapping, and shooting, farmers are eliminating burrowing rodents with an underground concussive force, tunnel destroying method up to 40% more effective than these familiar approaches.


Kinze commemorates 50 years of innovation

Fifty years after its humble beginning as a small welding shop, Kinze Manufacturing is reflecting on a half-century of innovation with a look back at how they have become a recognized technology leader and innovator of planters for row-crop production and grain auger carts.


GMO rice produces much less methane

By transferring a barley gene into a rice plant, scientists have created a new variety of rice. Of course, this is a genetically modified (GM) rice. Getting permission for the rice to be grown commercially will be an uphill battle, as it is with anything designated GM at the moment.

One of the advantages of this rice strain is that it produces considerably less methane gas. The study and research on this rice was recently published in the journal, Nature.


University of Missouri leads soybean sequencing effort

A significant effort to sequence a large number of soybean germplasm lines in the U.S. is underway. This project, titled “Large Scale Sequencing of Germplasm to Develop Genomic Resources for Soybean Improvement”, is being funded by the United Soybean Board and three private companies: Bayer CropScience, DOW AgroSciences, LLC, and Monsanto.


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