West Central obtains rights to ATP Nutrition's proprietary products

West Central Distribution has partnered with ATP Nutrition Ltd for the exclusive rights to distribute ATP proprietary products for sale throughout the United States. West Central will have access to ATP’s Chemtrition line of products, and will initially focus on PreCede (seed nutrient treatment), ReLeaf (early season foliar nutrition) and 42Phi (nutrient formulation to aid in flowering).


Drought-hit India's quest for water hampered by thirsty crops

Pleas by local Indian officials for farmers to switch from rice to oilseeds and pulses and protect dangerously low water levels are falling on deaf ears, and may be further undermined by government policies encouraging cultivation of thirsty crops.


How long will low corn prices persist?

Corn prices declined following the USDA's Crop Production report released on November 10 and continue to trade just above marketing year lows. The rate of corn consumption has increased in recent weeks, but the market is skeptical that consumption will increase enough to alter the prospects for abundant year-ending stocks.


Mississippi River Mayors at Paris UN COP 21 Meeting

A mayoral delegation representing the Mississippi River Cities & Towns Initiative (MRCTI) is conducting global river talks during COP 21—the United Nations meeting for the Framework Convention on Climate Change being held in Paris.


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