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Oregon governor expands drought emergency zone

Oregon Governor Kate Brown expanded the state's drought emergency to eight more counties on Friday amid a devastating West Coast drought and warned that water shortages could be imminent and a tough fire season may be ahead.


Agrilead, Kalo announce seed care product alliance

Agrilead, Inc. announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Kalo, Inc. of Overland Park, Kan. Through the alliance, Kalo will assume sales and marketing responsibility for the Agrilead NOVO Seed Care Prescription Management System and Agrilead's portfolio of seed care consumable products.


Five common sales obstacles and how to overcome them

Veteran salespeople know that while every customer is unique, the obstacles to a sale are predictably the same and occur rather frequently. Once you understand these obstacles and the strategies to overcome them, you will have all of the tools you need to make the sale.


Updated online tool allows closer look at disease risk in wheat

An online tool that wheat growers can use to determine their crop's risk for Fusarium head blight development has gotten an update that now allows growers to include more personalized information to get closer look at the risk in their area, said a wheat expert from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University.


U.S. biofuels decision, complicated and controversial, draws nigh

The deadline is fast-approaching for the U.S. government to issue updated targets for the blending of renewable fuels into motor fuel. The future of the U.S. biofuels policy is at stake, as scrutiny heightens over U.S. government delays to setting of targets and slow development of the advanced fuels industry, which is meant to represent an increasing portion of the total renewable fuel pool.


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