UF creates trees with enhanced resistance to greening

After a decade of battling the highly destructive citrus greening bacterium, researchers with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences have developed genetically modified citrus trees that show enhanced resistance to greening, and have the potential to resist canker and black spot, as well. However, the commercial availability of those trees is still several years away.


German company demonstrates automated weeding machine

About the size of a compact car, the BoniRob is being developed by Deepfield Robotics, a startup owned by Bosch in Germany. It knows where it is in a field from satellite positioning and lidar measurements. It destroys weeds by poking them deep into the ground. And it has an 80% accuracy rate (so far).


Loss of mastodons aided domestication of pumpkins, squash

If Pleistocene megafauna -- mastodons, mammoths, giant sloths and others -- had not become extinct, humans might not be eating pumpkin pie and squash for the holidays, according to an international team of anthropologists.


Discussing the pros and cons of imaging height

‘Eye in the sky’ technology is becoming more affordable, but what is the most useful type of imaging and is it best to work with an experienced contractor or invest in your own technology? These are the issues to be discussed at the next meeting of the Agri-Tech East RemSens Special Interest Group.


CF Industries and OCI committed to pursuing combination

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. and OCI N.V. announced that both companies remain fully committed to pursuing a combination of CF with OCI’s European, North American and global distribution businesses due to its strong industrial logic, significant expected synergies and value creation potential for shareholders.


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