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Six tips to creating peerless value at work

Given the rapid pace of change in most organizations, it is likely that you have—at least on occasion—considered the value you add (and what you have invested in it). Value is the return on investment benefit that your company enjoys because of your unique contribution to clients, colleagues and work product. It also includes things like how you enhance the company brand, introduce innovative approaches or facilitate breakthrough solutions that impact the bottom-line. The degree of value you uniquely bring to your company is directly correlated with your irreplaceability.


Sorghum is still an option for 2015

Even in the drought conditions facing many South Dakota farmers this spring, there are crops which can survive, explained Ruth Beck, SDSU Extension agronomy field specialist.


Can California turf and shrubs be saved?

California Gov. Jerry Brown seems to have been criticized from all sides for issuing new restrictions on water use in California. First, the public took exception with the fact that agriculture wasn’t limited more, and then those representing the turf and ornamental industry contended that keeping grass and shrubs alive wasn't being taken into account.


Seven steps to managing sugarcane aphids

Sugarcane aphid was first seen as a pest of sorghum in Alabama in 2014. It cost sorghum producers a lot of money due to cost of control as well as in yield losses in spite of control. In the past week or so, sugarcane aphid has been found on Johnsongrass in southeastern Arkansas as well as in Johnsongrass and sorghum in Texas.


Soy complex turns lower Friday afternoon

Fine planting weather depressed corn futures again Friday. One might blame a portion of Friday’s corn weakness on the rebounding U.S. dollar, but resurgent equity indexes seemingly made that less likely. It’s much more probable that forecasts continually pointing to conditions conducive to rapid corn planting and a good emergence during early May undercut the crop markets. July corn futures dropped 3.25 cents to $3.63/bushel at Friday’s close, while December lost 3.25 to $3.8025.


Ancient wheat variety begins comeback in northern Michigan

Recently, Grand Traverse Culinary Oils, a Traverse City, Mich., based purveyor of Michigan grown and processed culinary oils and grains, announced it would plant, harvest and process certified organic emmer wheat during the 2015 growing season. Such an announcement led me to investigate and share information about this ancient wheat variety.


S.C. cotton farmers face dilemma after loss of nematicide

A federal decision on the use of a nematicide will leave South Carolina cotton producers scrambling to find a replacement. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last week rejected requests from South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas to use Counter 20G, a restricted pesticide labeled for corn crops, to help farmers control nematodes on their cotton crops as well.


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