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First sale of carbon credits from ranch grasslands completed

A U.S. Department of Agriculture grant has helped initiate a partnership that is improving the environment, creating a market for carbon credits generated on working grasslands, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said. Chevrolet, a division of General Motors, recently purchased almost 40,000 carbon dioxide reduction tons generated on working ranch grasslands in the Prairie Pothole region of North Dakota.


Has China’s shift really ended the commodity super-cycle?

The most recent economic "super-cycle," a decades-long trend of rising commodity prices, has been influenced by the surging growth of China since the turn of this century. Now, as China begins its shift from an export-led growth model to a model based on internal investment and consumption, the super-cycle has slowed.


Pricey ethanol threatens late-year corn demand pick-up

At first glance, positive production margins combined with a record-large corn harvest suggest that ethanol output levels look set to pick up once again this year. But complicating that outlook this year is the fact that ethanol prices have recently climbed to a rare premium to gasoline, threatening to curb demand from wholesale fuel refiners who are used to being able to acquire ethanol at a roughly 50 cents a gallon discount to gasoline.


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