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Nebraska: Value of farmland drops

After five years of increases in Nebraska farmland values, the state average dropped 3%, according to preliminary findings from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Development survey. The state average farmland value as of Feb. 1, 2015 was $3,210, down 3% from the 2014 average of $3,416 per acre (see figure). Survey results were released today by the UNL Department of Agricultural Economics.

Synbreed project bridges the gap between animal and plant breeding

From healthier cattle to corn that is better adapted to climate change, the Synbreed project has made major breakthroughs in animal and plant breeding. The methods used are based on DNA analysis, which allows scientists to identify characteristics in animals and plants that are particularly advantageous for breeding.


A database to unearth plants' genetic secrets

Rigorous analysis of the structures of thousands of plant proteins by Tetsuya Sakurai and colleagues from the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science has led to the construction of a database that will help scientists identify the functions of more plant genes*.


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