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EPA news affected the crop markets on Friday

EPA news affected the crop markets Friday. Corn continued recovering from fresh 2015 lows Thursday night, with pragmatic and technical buying before the weekend seeming to power gains. However, the EPA released its long-awaited interpretations of Congress’s “Renewable Fuels Mandate” at midmorning; those were seen as being somewhat bearish for corn, which pushed prices modestly lower. July corn futures settled 2.0 cents lower at $3.515/bushel Friday afternoon, while December lost 2.0 to $3.68.


Planning for a pre-sidedress soil nitrate test

Studies have shown that corn producers could reduce their nitrogen (N) fertilizer rates utilizing the pre-sidedress soil nitrate test (PSNT) in the proper situations. The PSNT season is upon us – late May to early June. Some preparation work and planning are necessary to identify the proper fields and achieve the desired results.


SeedWay invests in Hall, N.Y.; expands for increased service

SeedWay has completed a major investment in the expansion of its Hall, N.Y., headquarter location. Components of this major investment include: a high capacity computerized seed treater, Seed Packaging and Palletizing Assembly Line, new Loading Docks and expanded warehousing


Food or fuel? How about both?

In the United States, federal mandates to produce more renewable fuels, especially biofuels, have led to a growing debate: Should fuel or food grow on arable land? Recent research shows farmers can successfully, and sustainably, grow both.


Tiny parasite may contribute to declines in honey bee colonies

Biologists at UC San Diego have discovered that a tiny single-celled parasite may have a greater-than expected impact on honey bee colonies, which have been undergoing mysterious declines worldwide for the past decade.


BASF opens new Agricultural Research Station in Pune, India

BASF opened a new Agricultural Research Station in Loni Kand, Pune, India. This new research and development (R&D) center will focus on global agricultural research on herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, as well as on solutions that go beyond classical crop protection.


Ag lenders see more demand for services to support customers

A survey of Farm Credit lenders in America’s heartland shows an increased demand for market risk management services as farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses respond to a tightening agriculture economy. AgriBank, the St. Paul, Minn.-based Farm Credit Bank, released the poll with a new report that examines trends innet farm income and farm balance sheets, and points to the need for producers act now to position themselves for success.


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