Hagie Manufacturing’s DTS10 Self-Propelled Applicator was chosen as AgProfessional’s 2015 Readers’ Choice Top Product of the Year in the ninth year of the program. Voting was conducted online at www.agprofessional.com.

AgProfessional congratulates Hagie Manufacturing on winning the Readers’ Choice Top Product recognition. The DTS10 Self-Propelled Applicator won with votes cast among the
10 Editors’ Choice Top Products of 2015, which were announced in the December 2015 issue.

The DTS10 is a lightweight self-propelled applicator that is designed to offer a wider application window and maximize productivity for ag retailer and farmer customers. As the smallest applicator within the family-owned manufacturer’s product lineup, the 2016 DTS10 packages a high-clearance frame and dual tank 1,000-gallon solution capacity within one of the industry’s lightest weight and most well-balanced machine designs.

“This is an exciting honor for us because when we first set out to create this new machine we wanted it to be completely unique. We reconsidered what a sprayer really needs to look
like and function, and we created the DTS10 from there,” said Alan Hagie, president and CEO, Hagie Manufacturing. “It is great that the industry recognizes this machine as different and unique.”

Hagie explained that the company deliberated on how to create a new sprayer for the evolving industry needs of the next decade, and the company decided that the new machine’s design would definitively need to encompass key industry drivers including weight, balance, capacity, application speed, boom width, grade ability, maneuverability, precision compatibility, safety, price and comfort.

It took two years from concept to introduction to bring the new DTS10 to market. The applicator was launched at the end of August 2015 at the Farm Progress show.

“We had machines with two tanks before, but not for the commercial mid-size applicator level,” Hagie said. “We liked the design we had but asked ourselves how we could improve it. It took 18 months to develop with an engineering team of 25 people.”

Besides a high-clearance design and 1,000-gallon dual tank, other features that help make the DTS10 stand out are a new designed 90-foot boom and an auxiliary hydraulic system, which has been designed to keep up with the demands of modern sprayer automation systems.

“The 2016 DTS10 equips operators with functionalities that sprayers in higher classes offer for maximum profit potential,” Hagie said.

When designing the new applicator, Hagie said the designers focused on the cost and weight when choosing the materials for constructing the machine. They wanted it to be physically lighter to help drive the cost down and to help farmers be able to spray their fields sooner in the season without the risk of soil compaction, which can be caused by heavier equipment.

Another feature the company is proud of is the machine’s cab. The application-specific cab is the largest in class, and offers the ergonomics and the same amenities as the STS model line. The large cab and redesigned boom provide optimal visibility whether in the field or in transport. The DTS10 also has options such as all-wheel steer, auto-fold and a reversing fan.

“We have been overwhelmed by the quick reception the DTS10 has had in the marketplace. It’s cheaper, lighter and more capable than others in the market, and we are very proud of it,” Hagie said. “We wanted to make the DTS10 stand out aesthetically and make an applicator that is different than any other on the market.”