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Scab-infected spring wheat seed

Due to the moisture, South Dakota State University has seen some scab issues in the hard red spring wheat received so far.


Managing high-tunnel insect pests

While growers can potentially find any type of insect pest in the high tunnel, whiteflies and thrips are the most common … and the most troublesome. These pests have several characteristics in common that makes them difficult to manage.


U.S. distillers' grains trade shrugs off Turkish rejections

Rejections of U.S. distillers' dried grain (DDGs) shipments, first by China and then by Turkey, are isolated events and not a sign of broader trade disruptions to come, U.S. traders and industry sources said on Friday.


OTA claims victory in USDA checkoff exemption for organics

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) applauded the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) announcement of a proposed rule to exempt more organic farmers and handlers from paying into conventional commodity check-off programs, saying this is an important step that recognizes the organic industry's unique needs, and lets the industry decide where its dollars are best spent.


Wheat continued rising Wednesday morning, while livestock fell again

Corn futures stabilized Wednesday morning. Despite current concerns about the global economic & political situation, corn futures are pretty stable. News that China is lifting its ban on Syngenta’s Viptera GMO corn is probably providing persistent support, since their ban greatly diminished U.S. corn & DDG exports early this year. The weekly EIA report looked supportive of ethanol industry demand. March corn futures inched 0.5 cent lower to $4.055/bushel late Wednesday morning, while July lost 0.5 to $4.205.


Most ag markets remained under pressure Tuesday morning

China news probably supported corn Tuesday morning. Corn futures decline in concert with financial markets Monday night as the diving Russian ruble and depressed financial markets reflected growing concern about a global recession. However, early morning confirmation that China is lifting its ban on Syngenta’s Viptera GMO corn sparked fresh optimism about U.S. export prospects, thereby limiting CBOT losses. March corn futures slid 2.0 cents to $4.065/bushel late Tuesday morning, while July dipped 1.75 to $4.2375.


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