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Bion files patent on process to recover N fertilizer from waste

Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc., a provider of advanced livestock waste treatment technology, announced that it has filed a new patent application for a process that recovers a nitrogen-rich, natural, non-synthetic fertilizer product from a livestock waste stream.


A farmer and his drone?

Drones, those small and nimble Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that are popping up everywhere: from airports and the White House lawn to tennis courts and nuclear power stations. Science is looking at positive uses for these miniature aerial work horses. A farmer and his drone working in partnership could make farming greener and cheaper in the future.


EPA Preliminary Risk Assessments for seven organophosphates

The U.S. EPA has released preliminary human health and ecological risk assessments for seven organophosphate pesticides (OPs). The preliminary risk assessments show risks of concern to agricultural workers and bystanders as well as dietary (food and water) risks of concern, and we expect to see similar risk concerns in the assessments for the other OPs, which will be issued for public comment over the next couple of years.


U.S. ethanol producers looking at thin profit margins for 2015-16

Following 18 months of record earnings, the U.S. ethanol industry has rebalanced in 2015. As energy prices collapsed in late 2014, so did ethanol prices and plant margins. However, ethanol's supply and demand has remained well balanced, and producers have maintained positive earnings, according to a new report from CoBank.


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