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AutoProbe expands independent grower-centric dealer network

AutoProbe Technologies continues to grow its network of AutoProbe intensive sampling system providers and grower owners. AutoProbe Technologies has added distributors in key market areas and will be announcing additional dealers and service providers in the weeks leading up and into the 2015 sampling season.


SDS: A growing cause of crop loss in U.S. soybeans

As part of an annual monitoring program started nearly 20 years ago, university researchers have tracked the rise of sudden death syndrome (SDS) from relative obscurity to its current status as the second-leading cause of soybean crop losses due to disease in 2014. The increased severity of SDS in recent years has raised concerns among soybean growers, as they seek new solutions to help manage this yield-robbing disease.


Syngenta says Monsanto's break-up fee comes with caveat

Syngenta has said a $2 billion break-up fee that unwanted U.S. suitor Monsanto has pledged to pay if its proposed $45 billion merger failed would only apply in limited cases, leaving its shareholders exposed to the bulk of regulatory risks.


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