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Adjusting to the “new normal” for agriculture

Now that our industry has stepped up to meet the new demand, there is another fundamental shift underway as the markets adjust to increasing worldwide supply of grain that is pressuring prices. This change has been good for livestock producers who are now mostly profitable due in part to falling feed costs. Production agriculture, on the other hand, is now adjusting to thin or even no margin of profit.


Falsehood was part of WOTUS rulemaking

Thursday, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released more than 50 pages of documents in which the Army Corps of Engineers repeatedly rebuked EPA officials for their abuse of the rulemaking process in producing the deeply controversial Waters of the United States rule.


Are businesses too timid with their growth plans?

Variety in business is generally good, but when it comes to profit and revenue, an entrepreneur’s expectations should be fairly singular – go big. That’s according to business development expert Cameron Herold, who drove 1-800-GOT-JUNK’s growth from $2 million to $106 million in a handful of years. Otherwise, he says, you’re probably selling yourself short.


Scientists stopping insects from becoming big problem for corn

Funded partially by a grant from the USDA in collaboration with N.C. State’s Dominic Reisig and other colleagues, as well as a five-year Hatch project (SC01700519) titled “Ecology and Management of Arthropods in Corn,” Reay-Jones is conducting ongoing research involving genetically modified corn containing Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) toxins.


Four retailer distributors gain access to aligned ag distributors

Aligned Ag Distributors LLC announced the addition of four new customer/owners to Franklin Holding Company LLC. They are: The Lyman Group, Inc. of Woodland, Calif.; Willard Agri Service, Inc. of Frederick, Md.; Colusa Country Farm Supply, Inc., of Williams, Calif.; and Centennial Ag Supply, Co. of Kersey, Colo.


Nature Biotechnology publishes research from Syngenta, Rothamsted Research

A collaborative project between Syngenta and Rothamsted Research has shown that genetically altering the amounts of a naturally occurring sugar can substantially improve the yield of drought affected corn. The research is published in the journal of Nature Biotechnology.


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