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Seven tips for engaging your older staff

Employers today are facing the fact that we need to keep our older workforce in place longer and we need to help them stay healthy. Baby boomers make up about one-third of the U.S. workforce and for the first time in several generations, there are not enough younger workers to replace them.


XLR PRO for reliable long-distance data communications

Digi International, the M2M solutions expert, unveiled the Digi XLR PRO line of radios for ultra-reliable, long-range wireless data transmission for Ethernet and serial devices. With its patent-pending Punch2 Technology to overcome noisy RF environments, Digi XLR PRO radio is ideally suited for industries with remote assets such as oil and gas exploration/production, utilities and precision agriculture.


UC Davis developing more accurate robotic cultivator

Controlling weeds could soon become more effective, affordable and sustainable for vegetable growers in California and beyond, thanks to a system under development at UC Davis that will help plants communicate with a robotic cultivator.


Conservis introduces new business tools

Conservis Corporation announced significant expansion of its industry-leading farm management software, now with new management and analytical tools. Conservis 8.0 helps growers make critical business decisions
using their own data of activity and costs down to the field level.


Biological safety lock for genetically modified organisms

Two research studies are the first to use synthetic nutrient dependency as a biocontainment strategy, and suggest that it might be useful for making genetically modified organisms safer in an open environment.


Kansas to host Central Plains Irrigation Conference

The 2015 Central Plains Irrigation Conference and Exposition will take place Feb. 17-18 at the City Limits Convention Center, Colby, Kansas. The popular annual event focused solely on irrigation-related topics is hosted in Kansas every third year.


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