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Commentary: Three takeaways from the Precision Ag Data Platforms Conference

The recent Precision Ag Data Platforms conference was one of the most interesting events I've attended this past year. Ag data management platforms are part of a relatively young industry by agricultural standards, but these offerings are growing and diverse. Like any young technology, growth comes with a lot of growing pains. Here are three reoccurring themes I heard all day.


Solving the mystery of erosion in the south Tobacco Creek watershed

You may have noticed that after a heavy rainstorm, creeks and rivers often turn the color of chocolate milk. That cloudy brown color is caused by sediments—weathered rock material ranging in size from tiny granules of mud to stones. As it courses along, water sweeps up sediments in the well-known process of erosion. Eventually, the sediments find a home, sometimes in a place where it isn’t wanted.


Using alternative strategies to achieve timelier wheat planting

Arguably one of the best ways to improve wheat yields is to plant earlier in the fall. For this reason, some farmers are taking advantage of alternative rotations that would free-up ground earlier than the usual soybean to wheat rotation.


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