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Bee colonies being wiped out in New Zealand

New Zealand bees are disappearing in huge numbers, and independent scientists have identified a new parasite in bees on the Coromandel peninsula, one of several regions around New Zealand that have reported the loss of thousands of colonies of honey bees since last spring and a substantial drop in honey harvests.

Lotmaria passim, a parasite that attacks the gut of honey bees, was only discovered by a team of American researchers about six months ago, according to Rob Tipa reporting for


Wheat futures firm Tuesday morning

The grain markets were mixed overnight after yesterday’s Crop Progress report and ahead of today’s 11am Acreage and Stocks reports. Corn crop conditions fell by 3% to 68%, compared to 75% good to excellent last year and was in the range of expectations. The eastern corn belt saw the steepest drop. Ohio corn dropped 19% good to excellent. The average estimate for corn acreage and stocks is 89.173 million acres, compared to the 89.199 March USDA number, and 4.512 billion bushels for June 1 stocks, compared to 3.852 last year.


Seed treatments not stopping thrips in the Midsouth

Seed treatments have minimized thrips damage for the last decade, but farmers and entomologists fear some pesticides may be losing their punch in protecting cotton.


Land O’Lakes and United Suppliers plan to merge crop inputs

Land O’Lakes, Inc. and United Suppliers plan to merge the companies’ crop businesses to leverage expertise and brands to support customers and enhance agricultural productivity through an expanded portfolio of offerings.


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