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Expectations of Syngenta settling Viptera lawsuits

Syngenta is not ready to comment officially about settling lawsuits related to the marketing of Agrisure Viptera seed, which resulted in China rejecting U.S. corn shipments, but there is speculation that settlements might happen if China follows through with importing such corn in the near future. Yet law firms have announced they are expanding class-action lawsuits against Syngenta to include farmers in more states.


Crop markers proved surprisingly weak Thursday night

Corn bulls may be taking profits before the weekend. Despite continued equity market strength and a more stable currency situation, as well as more evidence of Russian government moves to curtail its wheat exports, the crop markets turned decidedly lower Thursday night. Corn futures followed wheat lower, thereby seeming to reflect bullish profit-taking in the wake of this week’s gains. March corn futures dropped 6.0 cents to $4.05/bushel early Friday morning, while July lost 6.0 to $4.2025.


China approves delayed GMO imports as U.S. ties warm

Industry sources and analysts said China's change of heart was down to a warmer political climate between Beijing and Washington since the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum last month, where the two announced a joint plan to limit carbon emissions and made breakthroughs on eliminating duties on technology products.


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