Ceres announces product introductions

Ceres, Inc., an agricultural biotechnology company focused on forage and feed crops, will introduce multiple new forage sorghum hybrids for 2016 sales following successful results from field evaluations in the United States and Puerto Rico.


One step closer to commercial edamame production in the U.S.

Edamame, touted as a healthy snack for its high protein content, is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The soybean seeds are consumed at an immature stage, giving a sweet and slightly nutty flavor. Yet, despite the fact that grain soybean is grown on approximately 74 million acres in the U.S., the majority of edamame consumed here is imported from Asia.


The fight against broadleaf weeds in winter wheat

Most of the wheat and weeds are inactive during cold weather; however, that can quickly change in the Midwest. While broadleaf weeds are dormant, wheat producers can get a jump-start on managing them in winter wheat.


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