The Layco Tower Blender from Yargus Manufacturing is designed for high capacity retail or wholesale use, providing another efficient fertilizer handling option.  Yargus has introduced a new design featuring the six-legged tower, with larger square footage allowing for more room for service and maintenance. The Tower features the reliable and proven Layco Tapered Auger Vertical Blender or paddle Layco Performance Mixer. Also standard are up to 18 bins of storage capacity, a collection hopper and up to four weigh hoppers. The Tower Blend System can 
be custom-designed to fit blend and capacity requirements up to 300 tons-per-hour. The Layco Tower is a bolt-together design with minimal field welding required. The tubular modular design with side cladding assures years of dependable use. Yargus takes the advantage further by releasing the new “Stairway to Heaven” design that incorporates zero ladder usage throughout the entire structure.  The stairs, expanded metal platforms and safety railing reach to the highest-most point on the tower, allowing for spacious work areas, easy accessibility for service and maintenance, and most importantly, safety. You can learn more at