Wilbur-Ellis Agribusiness launches its AdvantiGro Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) in Texas.

Studies have shown that AdvantiGro’s proprietary formulation, specifically developed for cotton, cucurbits and corn, delivers improved stability and shelf-life over similar competitor products.

AdvantiGro’s refined formula provides bottle stability and a longer shelf-life that has been shown to keep the active ingredient intact longer.

Third-party field trials, including leading university research trials, have consistently shown AdvantiGro’s active ingredient to increase root biomass, which increases a plant’s ability to sustain stressful environmental conditions.

“AdvantiGro offers reassurance to growers for their early season plantings when weather can be quite fickle,” said Wilbur-Ellis Company’s Actives Portfolio Manager, Jesse Rosales. “The three-way blend of this PGR has been shown to promote early, robust plant development that translates to a higher yield at harvest.” 

AdvantiGro is officially launching in Texas and will be available on a limited basis throughout the U.S. in states where the product is registered this year. Learn more at Advantigro.com